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Top Hat and Enchilada: "I am secretly a lion." (Video One)
We apologize for the jumpiness of this video...Top Hat needs a new camera.

Anyhoos, so this is us. Crazy and awesome. Yesh.
Comments are appreciated.
Top Hat also apologizes for the crappiness of the editing in this video.
She has still not gotten the hang of Sony Vegas, and feels terrible. She herself even thinks she is a better editor than this.

We hope you enjoy! Remember to check back for our first youtube editor!
(We also apologize for the length of this video. It is for that reason that this video was not accepted on youtube.)

Top Hat and Enchilada: "I am secrectly a lion" (Video One) from Top Hat and Enchilada on Vimeo.

Posted by: Top Hat and Enchilada, on July 30, 2009


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