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About Top Hat


I read, I write, I edit videos. I feel, I hate, I love. I do not try to be anyone but myself, which is extremely diverse. I get obsessed with things way too easily-its a curse. I do not reccomend trying to get inside my head, it is truly complex in it's way of thinking. I have been editing videos since 2006, in which I self taught myself basically. I want to both direct and edit movies in the future. My other love is writing. Currently, I am in the midst of a novel and hope to finish it in some decade. I have been dancing for thirteen years, have done basically every kind of dance, however, lyrical is probably my favorite. Without music, I would be able to write, edit, or get inspired. Thus leading to my extreme music taste. I do not watch much tv-ick-but I am currently obsessed with Primeval. Its because its british. :) I read. All the time. If I ever have time to do just that, I can finish a book in about a day. I have three bookshelves and still need more room. I am a gamer girl, really more rpgs, but still. Kingdom Hearts was my first love (besides Pokemon gameboy games back in the day) and Final Fantasys make me smile. Can't forget Zelda either. I seem to have a problem liking European people. Most of my favorite actors or muscians reside there. I like people watching, for it is simply amazing what one can learn from just watching someone. I still watch the old Disney movies. Before anyone asks, YES I like Twilight, HOWEVER! I liked it back before people made me wish I didn't. Back when three people got together for a book discussion. I honestly think the movies are great, and it is the atomosphere that the "fans" provide that make it screwy. I really want to learn how to play the piano and guitar. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt. I am convinced that I will be the one to find out how Poe truly died. I am a Christian, Baptist. God holds my hand even though I sin. I want to travel the world, and WILL live for AT LEAST a year in London. Ramen. Yep. Ramen. And Tea. I am a huge anime and manga fan. Sailor Moon being the first (I hate you, America. You completely screwed up the goodness of the original-in BOTH anime and manga). (On a side note, excuse my pervertedness. It occurs at random intervals) I want to get lost in the world, find my "someone just for me", and just live.

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