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I am mad, really bad, but don't tell my mom and dad.
Best. Parady. Ever. Besides. They're really hot. As if being British isn't enough.

Oh, and just because Top Hat is obsessed with (and Enchilada likes as well) Andrew Lee Potts, here is the original video Top Hat found it on. :]

Posted by Top Hat on January 22nd, 2010
The "Musik Fan".
YouTube Editor of the Week


YouTube Editor of the Week: Musikfan18
Years on YouTube: Four come this June
Videos Uploaded on YouTube: Eighty-three
Primary Video Genres: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Twilight, Gossip Girl, and Syfy's Alice.
Channel Link:
(Check out our side bar which has the video she, herself picked. :] )

Our first favorite youtube editor is Musikfan18!!!!! -loud applause is heard-

She is one of our favorite editors of all time, not just because of her amazing editing skills, but because she is generally one of the nicest people we have ever met.

-fan girl scream echos- AHHHHHHHH!!!! MUSIKFAN18!!! HOLY CRAP!!! AHHHH!!!

Top Hat's Favroite Video and Thoughts

[ Find A Way ; Alice/Hatter ♥ ]

So, this is my current favorite video by the lovely Musikfan18. We seem to always have the same strange...
Like the song she used for this video....BRILLANT!
Safetysuit is fantabulous, and Find A Way is an epic song for Alice and Hatter.
Anyways, she is an AMAZING editor, and this video clearly proves it. Short, sweet, and the video shows how not overdone anything is.
Alice and Hatter are adorable, don't you think? (As is Andrew Lee-Potts, but that is a completely different story within itself...heh heh.)

As an editor myself, I can say how much I respect Miss Fan. She is an inspiration, and knows how to pick her fandoms as well as music, and wise editing choices. She knows the key of how to truly make a soul ache in want, love, or sadness when watching one of her videos. Kudos to an amazing editor as well as an amazing friend.

Enchilada's Favroite Video and Thoughts

Never Say Never.

This is my favorite video made by Musikfan18 because....
1.) Its Tidus and Yuna
2.) Its The Fray
The editing is flawless, and the story of the lyrics fits Tidus and Yuna to a tee. The effects are minimal but enough to blow my mind. Even though the entire song wasn't used, it still managed to make my jaw drop. Check this out, for it is officially approved by Enchilada.

Musikfan18 is one amazing chick-a-doo. All of her videos showcase great editing, and a never-ending imagination. She also has lovely taste in music, and subject matter. I like her because she makes wonderful videos about anything from Final Fantasy to Twilight. Musikfan18 is definately someone to watch....she's going places...let's hope she'll give us a ride. a nutshell....GO TO HER CHANNEL!!!

-fan girl scream continues- AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MUSIKFAN18!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Posted by Top Hat and Enchilada on January 11th, 2010.


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