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About Enchilada


Enchilada is:

1.Not Mexican.

2.VERY ccccccccrrrrrraaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyy!!!!

3.Not single...back off.

4.A little bit of everything stylewise. (emo, punk, goth, prep, "normal", vintage, lolita, and bursts of random color!)

5.A singer.

Enchilada likes/loves:


2.Going to concerts with Top Hat.

3.My Chemical Romance/Gerard Way

4.To Read/Twilight!!!

5.Musicals and Disney movies.

Enchilada hates:

2.Dumbass people who stop in the middle of the freaking hallway

3.Crappy pop music. *cough*JonasBrothers*cough*

4.Conceded people.


Enchilada's random facts are:

1.She has been in chorus since the 3rd grade and still adores it!

2. Has the uncanny ability to scream at people in three different languages in one sentence.

3.Her friends, family, and music are her ENTIRE life.

4.Perversion is widely spread throughout her being.

5.Her favorite number is 5, which she is extremely OCD about. (Notice how each section has a multiple of five)

6.She has OCD; ADD; and Insomnia.

7.She loves anime, manga, and everything about Japan.

8.Everyone she knows is a tad bit on the crazy side, and she loves them to death.

9.She wants to get a degree in Forensic Chemistry and Vocal Music.

10.One of her many dreams is to see "The Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway.

11.Top Hat and herself can make ANYTHING perverted.

12.Tim Burton and Hayo Miyazaki = GENIUS!

13.Her religion is Christianity...

14.She loves playing Final Fantasy games.

15.Her two most favorite bands of all time are My Chemical Romance and The Fray.

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