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This is one of our random posts to start things up. Sometimes we'll be stupid and ask random questions. Today's random question is:

Do you like Ramen Noodles, and if so what is your favorite kind?

You can tell if you have looked at the banner (please tell me you have looked at the banner! Me, Top Hat, will be very sad if you have not. The Ramen is located next to Mr. Pattinson's foot. :D ) that We like Ramen Noodles.

Top Hat's favorite kind of Ramen is the chicken. Enchilada's is the shrimp.

Let us know by comments or whatever.

By the way, I just saw The Ugly Truth, y'know the new movie with Gerard Butler (yummy) and it was hilarious. I might not be lazy and later post a review. Go see it.

Toodles and noodles! (ramen noodles)

Posted by Top Hat, on July 26, 2009


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