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Kiss kiss!
Hello all! Top Hat here!


I just want to say thanks to our few first fans on facebook. -clap clap clap-
You all get free gnomes!!!
Enchilada wants to say thank you as well!


She is very excited.

We hope you are enjoying the site so least what is the site so far. We hope to update with a lot of stuff, so please stay tuned!!!

If you have any fanfictions, fanart, writings, or just art let us know! We shall give you spotlight! Either talk to us on facebook, or shoot us an e-mail. Please keep checking out the site, it keeps updating every five seconds. ;]

You can thank me for the banner. I just learned how to use photoshop today. Yes, I am aware it is fuckawesome. :]

See you guys soon!

Posted by Top Hat on July 24, 2009


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