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Le Pant, Le Heave
Our itunes podcast:

Enchilada: Le Moo.

Top Hat: Le Grunt.

Top Hat: Don't you love Pepe Le Pew?

Enchilada: Yesh, but I loves our podcast better.

Top Hat: "Everyone should have a hobby, mine is making love."

Enchilada: -shakes head-

Top Hat: Le sigh, I loves Pepe Le Pew.

Enchilada: We gets the point Top Hat, gets on with tellings da peoples about da podcast of ours.

Top Hat: Well you see....

Enchilada: What had happened was...

Top Hat: After stalking Russell Brand...

Enchilada: And Gerard Way...

Top Hat: And Robert Pattinson....

Enchilada: And Kat Von D...

Top Hat: And all of the people we always stalk... (ie: Tom Sturridge, Amy Lee, Megan Fox, Gaspard Ulliel, Alex Pettyfer, Alex Evans, Victoria Frances, Stephenie Meyer, Edgar Allan Poe, The Beatles, Bert McCracken, Cassandra Clare, Fictional characters, Random Musicans, Amazing writers, Random Directors, You, Different fros around the world....ect..ect..ect)

Enchilada: We thought about you guys, and made a wonderful podcast about the midnight premire of New Moon, and such things...

Top Hat: Such things...such things...

Enchilada: To know what these such things tis be...go listen to

Top Hat: Remember to subscribe...and download us!

Enchilada: Yesh...we want to be inside of your ipods. heh heh.

Top Hat: It's not that bad. Just think, we're already inside of your computer.

Enchilada: heh heh heh. GO NOW! May the force be with you.

Top Hat: Pepe Le Pew, will squirt at you, if no go.


Top Hat and Enchilada Podcast Two: Windchime Sparkles and Bugs
Itunes Link:

Posted by, Top Hat and Enchilada on November 29th, 2009 Photobucket


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